Hello there.
My name is Anne-Sophie, I'm 30, I'm a graphic designer and I live in a suburb of Paris, France.

Besides working I spend my day loving many different things : octopus, smelly cheese, taking naps whenever I can, my collection of cameras, chocolate, watching cartoons on sunday mornings, tattoos, drinking beer with friends, enjoying my balcony, weeping willows, clouds, dusk, reading tons of books, green tea ice cream… and many more.

I created my blog in 2009 as a way of collecting and showing my photos. Little by little this space pushed me into taking more and more photos, about our travels, our holidays and about our everyday life. It pushed me into looking for beauty in the ordinary & the mundane, and not just when facing outstanding places.

This is a place to share my life, my love for ju, and everything I find beautiful that surrounds me.

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